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Expert Allergy Care

Experience a life free from the hassles of allergies through Zestomen's expert care. Our online platform gives you access to fully digital primary care, so you can get treatments quickly, avoid waiting rooms, and take care of any sudden health problems. Furthermore, if you need a prescription, a doctor will write you one and deliver it.

Primary Care for Allergy

What we offer?

We offer comprehensive allergy management and treatment services to help you effectively address and alleviate allergy symptoms. Our services include:


Seasonal allergies

Sinus congestion

Hay fever

Itchy eyes

Frequently Asked Primary Care Questions.

You will be assessed for treatment after filling out the short questionnaire with Zestomen. Your primary care physician will decide if a prescribed medication is needed for you.

At Zestomen, our process is designed to prioritize your convenience. You can communicate with our healthcare providers by visiting our website and completing a short questionnaire. Our experienced healthcare professionals will then review your information and prescribe tailored medication based on your specific health needs. This approach ensures your privacy while still receiving expert care and treatment.

You will be responded to within 24 hours.

If your doctor prescribes medication, your medicines will be delivered to your doorstep.

If deemed necessary, doctor may call patient and discuss/see additional information.

There is no need to make a call at all. All of your communications on our platform will be conducted electronically using your computer or mobile device.


Zestohealth Inc. is a telehealth company based in Florida that specializes in online healthcare services. Zestomen is an initiative of Zestohealth Inc. that allows men to get confidential, doctor-prescribed, personalized treatment plans using our online platform. It allows men to take charge of their health in a discrete way by covering various wellness aspects, including sexual health, and several other men-related issues.

Compounded medications are not approved by FDA.

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