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By clicking "I AGREE," checking a related box, using any other acceptance protocol presented through the Service, or otherwise affirmatively accepting this consent, you acknowledge that you have read, accepted, and agreed to be bound by it. If you disagree with this consent, do not create an account or use the service. You grant agency authority to any party that clicks the "I Agree" button or accepts this consent on your behalf.

Call 911 or 988 for life-threatening situations like contemplating suicide.


This consent form ("Consent") provides information about telehealth. It obtains your informed consent to the use of telehealth in the delivery of healthcare and mental health services to you by physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and mental health professionals ("Providers") using the online platforms owned and operated by Zestomen Health, Inc. and its subsidiaries (the "Service"). In this Consent, "you" and "yours" refer to the person using the Service, or in the case of use of the Service by or on behalf of an individual minor between the ages of thirteen (13) and eighteen (18) or higher age of majority under applicable state law, "you" and "yours" refer to and include (i) the parent or legal guardian who provides consent to the use of the Service by such minor or uses the Service on behalf of such minor, and (ii) the minor for whom


Telehealth is a clinician's remote delivery of healthcare and mental health services to a patient. Telehealth may be used for diagnosis, treatment, follow-up, and patient education. It may involve one or more of the following: electronic transmission of medical records, photo images, personal health information, or other data between a patient and a provider; interactions between a patient and provider via audio, video, and data communications (such as messaging or email communications); use of output data from medical devices, sound, and vi You can choose in-person care at any moment. Discuss alternatives with your Provider.


Telehealth may make it easier and more efficient for you to access medical care or other services and treatment for the conditions treated by your Provider(s) at times that are convenient for you and allow you to interact with Provider(s) without an in-office appointment. Mental health treatments may relieve stress, anxiety, negative thoughts, relational problems, and discomfort in varied circumstances.


Telehealth and other technologies can benefit you, but they can pose concerns. These dangers could include: the quality, accuracy, or effectiveness of the services you receive from your provider may be limited; technology, including the Service, may contain bugs or other errors, including ones that restrict functionality, produce erroneous results, render part or all of such technology, including the Service, unavailable or inoperable, produce incorrect records, transmissions, data, or content, or corrupt or lose such content; Technology problems may potentially affect your Provider(s)'s diagnosis or treatment; the inability of your Provider(s) to conduct specific tests or determine vital signs in-person may in some cases prevent the Provider(s) from providing a diagnosis or treatment or from determining the need for emergency medical care or treatment for you; your Provider(s) may not able to provide treatment for your particular situation and you may be required to seek alternative healthcare or emergency care services; mental health services may result in feeling worse as therapy progresses; delays in medical evaluation/treatment could happen due to unavailability of your Provider(s) or deficiencies or failures of the technology or electronic equipment used; the electronic systems or other security protocols or safeguards used could fail, causing a breach of privacy of your medical or other knowledge; data stored and communicated digitally, for example, through email communications, may be more susceptible to unintended disclosure of protected health information to third individuals; given regulatory requirements in certain jurisdictions, your Provider(s) diagnosis and/or treatment options, especially pertaining to specific prescriptions, may be limited; a lack of access to all of your medical records may result in adverse medication interactions or allergic reactions or other judgment errors.

LIFE-THREATENING EMERGENCIES; FOLLOW-UP. Call 911 or 988 for life-threatening situations, including suicidal thoughts.

911 for emergencies. Telehealth is not always appropriate. Emergency rooms and other providers can provide urgent or emergent care. Providers may respond slowly to Service communications. The Service's encrypted message lets you contact Providers if you don't need immediate assistance.


Network and software security methods will secure your data from purposeful or unintentional corruption in the Service's electronic systems. Personal information that identifies you or contains protected health information will not be disclosed to any third party without your consent, except as authorized by law for consultation, treatment, payment/billing, specific administrative purposes, and as required by law to disclose to other persons and agencies certain information obtained during the provision of mental health services (e.g., danger to self or others; mandatory reporting of a child, eld). You may email protected health information to and from the Service. Zestomen cannot ensure the security or privacy of your email service provider or other communication services.


Providers may need an at-home diagnostic test for certain healthcare services via the Service. Third-party laboratories give these tests, and neither Zestomen Henorth, Inc. or its subsidiaries (collectively, “Zestomen”) nor your Provider(s) can guarantee their correctness or reliability. These laboratory tests may yield false negative, false positive, or inconclusive results that could provide Provider's diagnosis or treatment. Your Provider(s) may be unable to diagnose or treat you if these tests fail.


You consent to the following by clicking "I Agree," checking a corresponding box, utilizing any other acceptance mechanism presented through the Service, or otherwise affirmatively accepting this consent:

Telehealth will deliver healthcare and mental health services from Providers via the Service. By utilizing the Service, you consent to be treated by non-physician clinicians like nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Licensed counselors will provide treatment services. The Service and other beta-stage technology can be employed. The technology used to deliver care, including the Service, may contain bugs or other errors that limit functionality, produce erroneous results, render a part or all of such technology unavailable or inoperable, produce incorrect records, transmissions, data, or content, or corrupt or lose such content, any or all of which could limit or otherwise impact the quality, accuracy, and effectiveness of medical care. Certain diagnostic testing services, including laboratory products and services offered through the Service, may contain defects limiting functionality or producing erroneous results, which could affect your Provider(s)' medical care or other services. Telehealth is a developing field, and Provider(s) may employ technologies not explicitly stated in this Consent in your medical care and treatment. Telehealth or other technologies cannot guarantee precise results, including laboratory testing results or Provider(s) diagnosis or treatment. Your situation may worsen. Telehealth and technology, including the Service, may be unable to diagnose and treat all conditions. This Consent describes hazards associated with telehealth and other technology. Your Provider(s) can explore the benefits, dangers, and alternatives to telehealth, including the Service. Your Provider(s) and you will not record online treatment sessions. Your Provider(s) will assess your medical condition and decide if telehealth is medically appropriate and if you have the necessary knowledge and skills to use the technology.

You consent to telemedicine diagnosis and treatment by using the Service. You have the right to withdraw your consent to using telehealth in your care, but you understand that the Providers who use the Service do not offer in-person treatment. Any withdrawal of your consent will be effective upon receipt of written notification to your Providers. Still, it will not affect any action done by Zestomen or your Provider(s) in reliance on this Consent before your withdrawal. This Consent shall remain binding even if you withdraw your consent. You realize that the Service involves emailing your personal medical information for telehealth services. You understand that you must provide Zestomen and your Provider(s) with truthful, accurate, and complete information, including emergency contact information for your local healthcare and mental health providers. You accept that your Provider(s) will evaluate your medical condition and may decide to diagnose and treat you utilizing telehealth technology, including the Service. You consent to telemedicine diagnosis and treatment by using the Service. You understand that your Provider(s) may decide in their sole discretion that your condition is unsuitable for diagnosis and treatment using telehealth technology, including the Service, and that you may need to see a specialist or other healthcare or mental health provider.

You may address your issues about a medical professional to the Medical Board in your state by contacting them about your concerns about the medical professional.


Zestohealth Inc. is a telehealth company based in Florida that specializes in online healthcare services. Zestomen is an initiative of Zestohealth Inc. that allows men to get confidential, doctor-prescribed, personalized treatment plans using our online platform. It allows men to take charge of their health in a discrete way by covering various wellness aspects, including sexual health, and several other men-related issues.

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